Welcome to the Justice Initiative

The Justice Initiative is a political prisoner directory whose mission is to support White inmates persecuted by an anti-White system. Please take a moment to search our Prisoner Registry and consider writing a supportive letter or directly sending some commissary to an inmate who you would like to support.

What you can do to help: The best thing you can do is choose a prisoner to write to and send him some encouragement, or send a birthday or holiday card. If you’re part of a local group, make it a group project to reach out to our guys behind bars.

From Our Political Prisoners

  • By Luke Lane

    "We know our cause is a rightous one and that we don't stand alone. We have our brothers from all around who keep us in mind."

  • By Travis McMichael

    "It keeps me holding on knowing that there are people outside that care."

  • By George Leob

    "I have never given up. I am still working hard everyday."

  • By Michael Zaremski

    "You've made a world of difference to me and surely to many others like myself."