George Loeb

George David Loeb Jr was born 3 February 1957 in Teaneck New Jersey. Raised in North Miami, Florida, George graduated from NoMiami High School (class of 1975), and earned an Assoc Of Arts, with honors from Miami-Dade Community College in 1977.

Loeb was employed in restaurants, retail management and in the automotive parts and service field. Later, returning to school, Loeb attended the Univ Of Colorado, living in Boulder 1981-82, 83-85. There he met and married Barbara "Barb" Krueger, who Loeb describes, to this day, as "a saintly woman".

The Loeb's later moved to Jacksonville Florida where he graduated from the Univ Of North Florida(BBA 1985) While in Jacksonville Loeb made powerful enemies, first as the cofounder of Citizens For A Better Florida, inc, inventors of a unique and aggressive anti-telemarketing no-call list. Loeb also angered corrupt politicians and big business interests as an open forum speaker and writer of numerous "letters to the editor" published primarily by the major daily newspaper, The Florida Times-Union.

Loeb was also a member and Reverend in the highly controversial Otto North Carolina based White racial organization then known as Church Of The Creator. Among his accomplishments there, Loeb arranged for COTC Founder Ben Klassen's only nationally televised TV interview.

In May of 1991, Reverend George David Loeb Jr., and his wife Barb drove into a supermarket parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, to buy groceries. As they enter the parking lot a car driven by Harold Mansfield Jr., a black Gulf War veteran almost strikes their car. The two drivers exchanged angry insults, with Mansfield calling Reverend Loeb a "cracker" and a "honkie". Mansfield drives off, and the Loebs continue their shopping.

They had bought their groceries, were back in their car, and ready to go home when Mansfield returned - this time with another Black male and a brick. Mansfield got out of his car and advanced toward the Loebs' vehicle with the brick in his hand. Mansfield loudly declares to Reverend Loeb, "I'm gonna smash your head in".

As Mansfield approached, Reverend Loeb responded by tearing open the glove compartment of his car, and seizing a 0.25 mm pistol his wife kept in there for her protection, fired two shots at Mansfield, killing him.

Reverend Loeb was then arrested and charged with murder. At the trial both the defense witnesses and the prosecution witnesses recounted nearly the same sequence of events. The prosecution witnesses - the Mansfield's friend and a White woman who had been in the parking lot - both admitted that Mansfield had threatened to smash Reverend Loeb's head with the brick he carried.

Reverend Loeb was ultimately convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 25 years.

More information on this case can be found here.

Facility: Columbia Correctional Institution Annex
Release Date: Life

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