Tyler Tenbrink

Tyler Eugene Tenbrink of Richmond Texas drove to Gainesville, Florida to attend the Richard Spencer speech on October 20th.  After the event was cancelled, Tyler and two companions were assaulted by Antifa. Tyler fired a warning shot to ward off the mob, and was arrested later that day. Tyler was sentenced to fifteen years on 27 February 2019.

Facility: Holmes Correctional Institution
Release Date: 04/09/2032

  Send Commissary

Tyler is able to receive Prison Commissary.

A prison commissary is a store within a correctional facility, from which inmates may purchase products such as hygiene items, snacks, writing instruments, etc.

Helping keep an inmate's commissary loaded up is a great way to show that you care. It can help them purchase the stamps, newspapers, and other items that help them connect with and keep up with the outside world.

Flordia requires a person to be on the recipient’s approved visitor list to send funds. Speak with the prisoner first and ask him the best way to send money and literature.

View the instructions here for Flordia specific guidelines. Tyler's JPay is here.

  Send a Letter

Tyler is able to receive letters. Letters must contain your return address or they won't be received. Please review our guide, How to Write a Prisoner for more helpful tips.

Flordia has a unique system where all mail goes to a central processing facility. Send mail to the address below. More information is found here.

Tenbrink, Tyler E., DC# G50325
PO Box 23608
Tampa, FL 33623