Patrik Mathews

Patrik Jordan Mathews of Canada was a member of The Base, a pro-White survivalist and self-defense network.

According to the FBI, Brian Mark Lemley and William Garfield Bilbrough broke the law when they picked Canadian Patrik Jordan Mathews up in Michigan after he crossed the Canadian border. Then they helped him rent a motel room, and later, Lemley allowed Mathews to stay with him in an apartment in Delaware. Finally, the men allegedly modified a rifle, went to the store to buy ammunition and paper targets, and then took the rifle to a gun range, where the FBI had set up a stationary camera to watch them shoot it.

After a long fishing expedition, the federal government was reduced to charging them with a multitude of immigration related crimes and a number of gun technicalities, partially relating to the modified firearms upper receiver and allowing “illegal alien” Patrik Mathews to fire it at the range.

More information on this case is at National Justice.

Release Date: 12/16/2027

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Patrik Jordan Mathews
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