Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale was the head of the explicitly racial World Church of the Creator in East Peoria, Illinois.  He was denied a law license because of his racial beliefs. The FBI then embedded an informant in his organization and began trying to entrap him.  The informant attempted to get him on tape soliciting murder of a federal judge but would not as Matt did not engage in illegal activity in any form. Eventually the government simply lied claiming he did so nonverbally, which was accepted unquestioningly by the courts.

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See Matt Hale's declaration in response to the denial of his request for compassionate release from prison here.

Facility: USP Marion
Release Date: 04/29/2036

Matthew is not able to receive letters. Only Matt's attorney and family can write him at this time.

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Matthew is able to receive financial support.

Follow the instructions at FreeMattHale. This link has been verified as the official support page for this prisoner.