Ian Cranston

Ian Mackenzie Cranston, a victim of a racial assault who defended himself - as well as his fiancée from repeated sexual advances - from a violent, drunken Black, was convicted of manslaughter.

By following the Derek Chauvin script using continual media smearing and BLM activism in the nearly all-White community, no doubt this instilled fear into the locals that a non-conviction would lead to more state-approved Black destruction, but this time of their city. Rather than the anti-White media narrative of a Black man simply complimenting a White woman and an inadequate White man becoming flustered and killing out of rage, it was clearly multiple sexual advances by a drunken Black against an innocent White woman.

The Black aggressor was Barry Washington Jr who had recently moved to the area and showed himself to be unlike the locals by yelling profanities at police the night of the incident. Barry made unwanted sexual advances to Ian’s fiancée before the three of them ended up in the same nightclub. When Ian and his fiancée left the bar, Barry, loaded up on alcohol by that point, chose to follow them out. Barry once again made unwanted sexual advances to the White fiancée in front of Ian. From there Barry attacked Ian, with Ian firing a single shot to protect himself and end the attack.

This would have been the end, but the anti-White DA, John Hummel, brought grand jury charges after calling for a 'racial reckoning' for a White man daring to defend himself. This is especially abhorrent as the charges are racially political yet cries of 'lets not make this political' were spoken while withholding important evidence from the jury: mainly, that Barry was already drunk and aggressive before Ian was forced to protect himself.

The anti-White media is also clamoring to charge the fiancée, as the media onslaught pressured her employer to fire her.

We support Ian Cranston's right to defend himself while White against racial attacks from Blacks.

More information on this case is at National Justice Party.

Facility: ​Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI)
Release Date: 9/29/2031

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Ian Mackenzie Cranston
​Snake River Correctional Institution
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914-8335