Hannah Payne

Hannah confronted a black man who fled an accident he caused by running a red light. She was attacked by the man. She pulled out a gun to in an attempt to escape. The black man grabbed the gun and it went off, resulting in the black man's death. The trial was conducted in an overwhelmingly black county. For more information on Hannah's case, click here.

Facility: Pulaski State Prison
Release Date: Life

Hannah is able to receive Prison Commissary.

A prison commissary is a store within a correctional facility, from which inmates may purchase products such as hygiene items, snacks, writing instruments, etc.

Helping keep an inmate's commissary loaded up is a great way to show that you care. It can help them purchase the stamps, newspapers, and other items that help them connect with and keep up with the outside world.

Georgia requires a person to be on the recipient’s approved visitor list to use any payment method. Speak with the prisoner first and ask him the best way to send money and literature.

View the instructions here for Georgia specific guidelines. Hannah's JPay is here.

  Send a Letter

Hannah is able to receive letters. Letters must contain your return address or they won't be received. Please review our guide, How to Write a Prisoner for more helpful tips.

Hannah Payne
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