Frankie Rizzello

Frankie Rizzello was charged with property damage motivated by discrimination after he was accused of spray painting the name of his Active Club on two buildings in University City, MO. The Center on Extremism, an arm of the ADL, provided information on Mr. Rizzello’s identity to local authorities. In a time of high violent crime the resources of local police were commandeered by the ADL to apprehend Frank. St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell called ADL’s information “essential” in bringing the charges, according to the ADL’s website, implying the petty act of vandalism was not high on the University City Police Department’s priorities. Judge Krista Peyton refused bond and set a cash bail at $250,000 despite previously releasing a violent black criminal on $400 bond, adding to suspicion Rizzello’s extraordinarily high bail is punishment for his political beliefs.

A legal fund for Mr. Rizzello has been set up here.

Facility: St Louis County Justice Center
Release Date: UNKNOWN

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